Code of Conduct

Aviat Networks, Inc. Code of Conduct

Aviat Networks, Inc. has a strong commitment to a Code of Conduct that exemplifies how we do business within our Company and throughout the world. The Board of Directors and the Officers of Aviat Networks, Inc. have adopted this Code of Conduct to define the standards of integrity and ethics expected during your employment. The Code of Conduct applies to every director and employee of Aviat Networks, Inc. and its subsidiaries, and all references in this Code of Conduct to Aviat Networks or the Company includes all subsidiaries.

It is our goal that all directors and employees demonstrate the highest ethical behavior possible, become familiar with the Code of Conduct, and abide by it. The Code of Conduct is in addition to, and does not replace, the specific policies contained in other materials distributed by Aviat Networks. The Code of Conduct does not cover every issue that may arise, but establishes basic principles and a methodology to help guide you in the attainment of this common goal.

As we move forward to achieve Company objectives and operate within this Code of Conduct, we will be successful as individuals and as a corporation. Your compliance with this Code of Conduct will assure that Aviat Networks remains a company in which all employees can take pride in the way we work together.

1. Compliance With Laws and Regulations
2. Ethical Conduct
3. Your Personal Commitment to Aviat Networks
4. Consequences of Violating Aviat Networks' Code of Conduct
5. Reporting Suspected Violations of the Code and Company Policies
Appendix A: Financial Code of Ethics
Appendix B: Foreign Corrupt Practices Act
Appendix C: Statement of Commitment

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